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St Giles Street, Norwich

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The Waffle House was established in 1978, and since then we have continued to provide our customers with wholesome, free-range and organic produce. Our individual approach to your dining experience is what keeps our customers coming back for more. We have seen many generations of loyal customers supporting one of Norwich's finest independent restaurants. 

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The Waffle House prides itself on being able to treat each order individually. Using fresh and local products, our light and crispy waffles offer the perfect base for a selection of toppings, either savoury or sweet. Equal emphasis is put on vegetarian food in our menu and there is at least one daily special in addition to those on the menu. We also offer gluten free waffles and all options are clearly highlighted on the menu. 

All of our food items arrive fresh ingredients and are cooked in house by our team of chefs. Nothing is brought in, in fact, the the only thing you will find in our freezers is ice-cream and some of those are also made by us. 

Of course it is not just waffles that we offer, we also provide a selection of organic beers, award winning ales and ethically sourced wines. Not to mention our locally sourced soft drinks and famous handmade milkshakes, all complimented by our fair-trade coffee executed by trained baristas.